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In the General Contractor world the technical drawings are exhibit A.  The drawings are the visual representation of the final outcome for your project.  It is critical that you always have a drawing for any building project you do with an Austin remodeling contractor – or anywhere for that matter.

A written quote may specify the general terms of your agreement with your home builder such as square footage, a general scope of work, price and terms of payment.  If you are having a kitchen renovation done by a residential remodeler and this includes new cabinets, how can you know where those cabinets will be placed and what the sizes may be?

Many so called Austin design build firms farm their creative design work to professional designers or architects.  This gap in the process requires either a visit from the salesman with a sketch he scrawled during hie sales call with you.  He then  tries to convey your vision to the designer.  Sometimes this process results in a house call by the designer or architect.  Either way, an additional cost is incurred and passed along to you the customer.  If the salesman is the point of contact, he is now the middle man in a back and forth which lengthens the delay between agreement and commencement.

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ATX Design Build – Project Management

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The production phase is truly where the rubber meets the road with Austin  home builders.  With more than 37 years experience in residential and commercial construction, Craig Walker is personally involved with every project no matter the size or scope.

He has hand picked his executive management staff.  Hands-on artisan experience is a condition of employment within his management corps.   Your project is no place to train a novice home builder or to help him gain experience in the industry.  (see: Tips to Hire a Reliable Home Remodeling Contractor)  Although learning and up-training are integral components of any progressive remodeling company, an accumulated core skill/experience is necessary to provide customers with a service product that is dependable in quality and speed of delivery.

Although ATX Design Build staff is comprised of former artisans, the aspect of project management that is most important to our clients is communication.  Pro-active meaningful communication keeps the client in a confident and informed state and maintains a smooth productivity with the assembled trades on the project.


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ATX Design Build – Artisans / Labor

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You may ask: Do you use subcontractors or do you use full time employees for your labor force?  ATX Design Build employs more subcontractors than we do full time artisans.  By the way, every nightmare story you have ever heard about using subs on a job are absolutely true.  What a thing to say, right? (see: Subcontractors vs Employees)

When a home builder or remodeling contractor makes the decision on which way to go on his labor force, a sub is usually the answer.  The chief reason is that a lesser experienced owner or project manager can depend upon an established tradesman and his organization to manage that particular phase of the project.  Employee labor requires management, guidance, and is typically more complex due to taxes and paperwork.

ATX Design Build was motivated differently.  A sub is a much better choice when you know enough to manage them.  They manage a bottom line so they are more dependable.  They depend upon the builder as a valued customer so they are more likely to deliver a reliably quality product.  It is key, however, that the builder is able to manage the quality and consistency of their sub’s work for their customer’s sake.

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Since 2001

Hire a Builder, not a Salesman!

ATX Design Build offers a complete array of construction services. In addition to a vast experience in the industry, we have highly skilled designers and planners ready to work for you. When you choose a remodeling company, you never want to hear someone say, “I don’t know.”    We are expert builders – not salesmen!

Doctors vs Salesmen

Consider the last time you paid a visit to a doctor’s office.  A nurse led you to an examining room and you took a seat on an examination table.  After a time, a doctor entered and began his or her examination of your malady.  Imagine if instead, a salesman entered with a note pad and calculator.  After you shared with the salesman what you thought might be wrong he had no real medical knowledge but assured you that after you signed a contract with him he would ensure you would be treated and cured.  Your home renovation involves a similar level of expertise.  You need an accomplished builder to provide you accurate and reasonable advice. (see: Builders, Trust is Precious)

Customer Reviews

“Craig is great to deal with. He is extremely professional and very courteous and shows great attention to detail. He arrived on time and completed the project when and as he said he would. I would hire him again without a doubt.”

Kevin S. July 2017

“Both interior and exterior work were way above the current “state of the art” locally. It was good to see quality work done by qualified competent personnel. Highly recommended!!!!”

Thomas C. June 2017

“We purchased investment property in Driftwood. The building was in rough shape. Most of the contractors we spoke with recommended demolishing the existing building and starting over. Craig created a design that turned the dilapidated structure into a beautiful space. He did much of the work himself and managed his workers from beginning to end. We love our new space and would recommend Craig and ATX Design Build to anyone wanting an experienced, knowledgeable and reliable builder.”

Kristine C. May 2017

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