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In Austin, whether you are interested in expanding your home or joining the newest ADU trend, it is critical that you get the help of a qualified and knowledgeable remodeling contractor. The term room addition is a bit of a misnomer. Adding only a single room is not a good investment and it is difficult to make a narrow wing look organic to your home’s design. Most additions comprise a number of rooms within the added space rather than a tumorous single room attached to the side of your home.

Create Your Room Design to have an ‘Original Look and Feel’ – Seamless Transitions without Breaking the Bank

AT ATX Design Build we endeavor to create a design that, when complete, looks like it was “original equipment” to the home. Matching the home is more than similar siding, brick, stone, or paint color. The architectural design has to make sense.

ATX Design Build
Room Addition

Roof lines, seamless transitions from existing structure to new must mask any changes made.  Original architectural features are either continued or updated, depending upon the desire you want.  Updating an old look is our first order of business when we begin a renovation design for your home.

Room Additions for your Home in Austin