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Home Improvement Basics

Like so many of you, we watch HGTV and DIY Channels. These networks showcase some beautiful work. The hosts make everything seem so neat and easy. Their projects fit in a very simple and orderly box. The issues that arise are never enough to delay or change the project. What we never get to see, however, are the true works that bring these stunning creations to life. As a result, most viewers feel it is easy to imitate what they have seen. The result, invariably, is frustration and errors. The following is a summary guide to the workings of the professional renovator behind the scenes.

Successful Construction Step by Step with the Right Preparation – Austin Construction Services

Every successful build starts with the proper preparation:
1. Tools
2. Design Drawings
3. Safety Features
4. Proper Materials
5. A specific scope of work

Other considerations that can create issues for the inexperienced contractor, and could delay your project dramatically:

Available power at main and sub panels. (200 amp service is not grandfathered)

Aged plumbing or inadequate septic tank size for added use

Does a new foundation match up with existing slab or pier and beam?

HOA acceptance of new design

Structural and foundation engineering.

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