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In the General Contractor world the technical drawings are exhibit A.  The drawings are the visual representation of the final outcome for your project.  It is critical that you always have a drawing for any building project you do with an Austin remodeling contractor – or anywhere for that matter.

A written quote may specify the general terms of your agreement with your home builder such as square footage, a general scope of work, price and terms of payment.  If you are having a kitchen renovation done by a residential remodeler and this includes new cabinets, how can you know where those cabinets will be placed and what the sizes may be?

Take Your dream from Visual Design to Constructed Reality

Many so called Austin design build firms farm their creative design work to professional designers or architects.  This gap in the process requires either a visit from the salesman with a sketch he scrawled during hie sales call with you.

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He then  tries to convey your vision to the designer.  Sometimes this process results in a house call by the designer or architect.  Either way, an additional cost is incurred and passed along to you the customer.  If the salesman is the point of contact, he is now the middle man in a back and forth which lengthens the delay between agreement and commencement.

Simplify Your Project to Improve Time to Completion

The more moving parts in your project process, the more likely it is that something may go wrong due to miscommunication.  The time element is a consideration also.  You, as a client, are concerned with the time on project and how it pushes your project completion date back.  In Austin, business is booming.  New business comes in daily.  This means a new project goes to design.  There is a risk that the design teams may move on and have to fit you back in.

Staff designers are at a proximity to management that keeps your project in the forefront.  A subcontractor is more difficult to manage daily.

Superior Quality through Proficient Project Management, Communication, Consideration and Commitment

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