Sub-Contractors or Full-time Employees: Both options offer positives and negatives.

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You may ask: “Do you use subcontractors or do you use full time employees for your labor force?” ATX Design Build employs more subcontractors than we do full time artisans. By the way, every nightmare story you have ever heard about using subs on a job are absolutely true. What a thing to say, right?



Your Search for a Builder Who is Both Proficient and Reliable – Ends Here

When a home builder or remodeling contractor makes the decision on which way to go on his labor force, a sub is usually the answer. The chief reason is that a lesser experienced owner or project manager can depend upon an established tradesman and his organization to manage that particular phase of the project. Employee labor requires management, guidance, and is typically more complex due to taxes and paperwork.

Sub-Contractors have their Share of Skills and Advantages, If Used Wisely and with Caution

ATX Design Build was motivated differently. A sub is a much better choice when you know enough to manage them. They manage a bottom line so they are more dependable.  They depend upon the builder as a valued customer so they are more likely to deliver a reliably quality product. It is key, however, that the builder is able to manage the quality and consistency of their sub’s work for their customer’s sake.

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