You have questions. What other questions should you ask?

Selecting a builder will likely be the most important and the most difficult part of your project.  Below are links to a few articles you may find helpful.  Many times a home owner will see only 3 builders and will choose from them.  The first 3 may not be the best 3.  The articles below will help ensure you invite the best.

10 Questions you should Ask – Having Trouble picking a Qualified Builder?

Tips to Hire a Reliable Home Remodeling Contractor

The First Appointment – Who should show up at your door?

An architect is similar to many of your general contractor’s vendors.  Without proper guidance, the architect can guide your project in directions that could make your project more expensive or create building problems for the builder.  It is best to hire a builder who has an established relationship with an architect and engineer.

Many home owners attempt to pull permits in order to expedite the project.  We recommend that you wait to pull permits until the builder is selected.  At that time the builder should pull all permits.  This will eliminate confusion with the city offices and keep the responsibility for your project with the builder in case there are issues with inspections or plans.

We custom fabricate most of our installed components.  Cabinets are important to your project in that they must be well-built, beautiful and must maintain long term sustainable functionality.  Ready made cabinets purchased at a box store are not recommended because we are not able to manage the quality of manufacture.  Additionally, if there is a flaw, we can correct it quickly with our local artisan.  A flawed ordered cabinet could add weeks or months to the length of your build.

ATX Design Build works with a number of lending institutions.  The requirements of most financial institutions are similar.  The drawings we produce are accepted by virtually every lender.  Our contract format is acceptable by most banks.  Those who require a specific format provide us with a template to which we modify our terms to meet their requirements.

On most remodeling projects we create your design drawings in-house using one of our staff designers.  On larger more technical projects we outsource your project design to a certified architect.  Rfom those drawings, an engineer is hired to create structural details for the key supporting components of your build.:

We use vetted trades tested and proved over many projects.  Our management and executive staff are all employees hand picked by Craig Walker.

Price is determined by material quantity and price, and labor duration and type.  The price bands are below:

  • Kitchens – $12,000.00 – $75,000.00
  • Master Bath – $9,500.00 – $40,000.00
  • Second Bath – $5,000.00 – $16,000.00
  • Room Addition – Starts at around $175.00 per square foot
  • New Home – Starts at around $200.00 per square foot

The duration of a project is determined by 3 factors:

  • How much of the project is fabricated?  In the case of custom cabinets, the delivery date is normally 2 weeks after they are designed and ordered.
  • How much structural, plumbing, or electrical repair needs to be completed on the existing home before new construction can begin?
  • What times and dates are we able to access the job site.  Our typical work week is Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm.

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