Our Approach

ATX Design Build Mission Statement

Each time we interact with those outside our walls, we endeavor to leave them glad we did.

Our Story

ATX Design Build Story

Craig Walker founded ATX Design Build in 2012.  His story started more than 30 years prior.  He grew up in a family of builders.  His great grandfather was a concrete contractor in San Angelo, TX.  His grandfather was a general contractor in San Angelo, TX.  His father was a general contractor in the New Braunfels, TX area.

Craig grew up in the business.  He was too young to do any real work in his grandfather’s and great grandfather’s businesses although he begged to join his grandfather whenever he left for “the job.”  He worked summers for his dad’s company until his senior year of high school where he went to school half a day and worked the rest.

He was a lead man at 21.  He started his own company, Craig Walker Construction, at 26.  He founded one of the largest framing companies in San Antonio at age 35.

He studied and worked in project management with one of the big 3 remodelers in Houston, TX.  He now owns and operates ATX Design Build in Austin, TX.  His goal is to position ATX Design Build as the new standard for Austin Builders. (see: Builders: Trust is Precious)

ATX Design Build is an Austin Remodeler that is structured to keep you comfortably involved in your project without putting you in the remodeling business.  The key to this is to provide you a communication link between you and your project.  Austin General Contractors many times talk over and around their clients.  ATX Design Build, over time, has developed a process where the technical details of your build are provided in a timely and understandable way.  Frustrations come from misunderstandings and empty promises.  Our process of continual accurate and timely communication in addition to project management by professional artisans not inexperienced contractors or salesmen. (see: Tips to Hire a Reliable Home Remodeling Contractor)