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Austin Home Design Services

In the General Contractor world the technical drawings are exhibit A. The drawings are the visual representation of the final outcome for your project.

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Construction Project Management Services in Austin

The production phase is truly where the rubber meets the road with Austin home builders. With more than 37 years experience in residential and commercial construction

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Artisans Labor

Austin Labor & Artisans Home Service

You may ask: Do you use subcontractors or do you use full time employees for your labor force? ATX Design Build employs more subcontractors than we do full time artisans.

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Hire a Builder, not a Salesman!

ATX Design Build offers a complete array of construction services. In addition to a vast experience in the industry, we have highly skilled designers and planners ready to work for you. When you choose a remodeling company, you never want to hear someone say, "I don't know." We are expert builders - not salesmen!

Doctors vs Salesmen

Consider the last time you paid a visit to a doctor's office. A nurse led you to an examining room and you took a seat on an examination table. After a time, a doctor entered and began his or her examination of your malady. Imagine if instead, a salesman entered with a note pad and calculator. After you shared with the salesman what you thought might be wrong he had no real medical knowledge but assured you that after you signed a contract with him he would ensure you would be treated and cured. Your home renovation involves a similar level of expertise. You need an accomplished builder to provide you accurate and reasonable advice.. (see: Builders, Trust is Precious)

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Your Architect May Be the Biggest Obstacle to Your Project

If you decide to do the responsible and reasonable thing and hire an architect, you have put yourself into a position where the design determines your budget. Architects, by in large, have no building experience. They have no more than a rough per square foot idea what his design may cost to build.

The Tract Home Builder Trap

I was at a local restaurant having lunch earlier this week. I wore an ATX Design Build polo shirt emblazoned with my company's logo. A couple seated at a nearby table leaned close together and held a conversation in hushed but urgent tones. Between them they had spread as widely as they could a rolled set of blue prints. I learned, from the small part of their conversation loud enough to overhear, that they were distressed about the cost over-runs

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The next step is to invite one of our friendly design professionals to measure and draw your project. Every budget proposal comes with a free design drawing.

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